About us

Skatterbox was established back in 1988 by Stan Lynall and his wife. Judy was in the fashion trade when she realised there was a gap in the market for good quality hat box manufacturers offering hat boxes and garment boxes at a competitive price. Together with Stan's knowledge of the packaging industry and help from the advertising with WWB, the regent striped hat box was born. The company went from strength to strength moving from Walsall to its present day site in Shenstone, Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK.

In December 2003 Stan and Judy decided to retire and sold the business to Derek and Gillian Green who have both been friends with the family for many years.

Derek has had a long love affair with packaging and its design, having travelled the world advising and designing high-class packaging for some of the top jewellers in the UK, companies such as Dunhill, Aspray's, Garrard to name just a few.

Derek admits the early years had been a real learning curve coming in to the ladies fashion industry but the comparables are the same. The right hat box and packaging will make all the difference between just shopping and a shopping experience that will help make the client come back for more and more.

In 1991 Derek in his wisdom! Registered Hat boxes Ltd due to being able to obtain the web address www.hatboxes-ltd.co.uk and .com

This year Derek has come up trumps again. He has improved the quality of the packaging by upgrading materials but not the price to the fashion house and with his latest design of 6 new boxes in 7 colours he reckons this will give the discerning client that Beverley Hills shopping experience.

Our Promise

All boxes are made in our factory in the UK

All the boxes are made from acid free materials and have a protective vanish on the outside of the print finish. This is done to protect you and your customer because acid in cardboard will attack the silk and sinamay.
This will discolour at best and at worst the acid will destroy your beautiful creations.

Varnish is also important as it will give the box light protection from rain showers but the main reason varnish is applied to printed cardboard is to stop the colour rubbing of the box on to your clients clothing.
Not many hatboxes are made to our high standards and if in doubt ask your supplier for proof if only to protect your self and your reputation.

And by the way we will not be beaten on price on a comparable box.

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